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The Terrazzo Trend Guide

How terrazzo made, how to style it & more...

The terrazzo trend shows no sign of slowing and we’re definitely on board. While it was previously a favourite for flooring, the texture has spread out across homes into furniture, home accessories and more. From chic minimalist terrazzo planters to kitchen tiles, accent furniture or a simple coaster, adding the trend to your home is easy, bringing a splash of colour and texture to your space.  Over at BTFY HQ, we’re hooked on sleek terrazzo furniture, levelling up the classic marble for something fresher.

But with a rich history and a unique build, here is a guide to the trend, including how terrazzo is made, where it originates from and how to style it…

guide to terrazzo how its madeguide to terrazzo how its made

#1 What Is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is essentially a material, made from chips of other materials. Designed to create a totally unique finish with pops of colour and sparkle set into a durable cement. Perfect for adding a little something extra to furniture, floors and more, it’s bolder than marble but more understated than super minimalist concrete. We’re obsessed.

#2 What Is Terrazzo Made Of?

There are several different ways of making terrazzo using a range of different materials. Some terrazzo tiles or planters use chips of coloured concrete or shell mixed into a simple cement mix for a matte muted-tone finish. Some other terrazzo tiles use marble, granite, or quartz. But for our glass terrazzo we levelled up.  Using chips of pink and grey glass for a luxe, sleek finish and set into a durable glass finish for a polished look, our terrazzo gives you that signature splash of colour while still being elevated and chic.

#3 When Was Terrazzo Invented?

While the terrazzo trend is super current, the material itself dates back over 10000 years!

Archaeologists have found terrazzo floors in Turkish ruins, but the material was first widely popular with Venetian workers who would use scraps from big marble sculpting projects to create titles and flooring for their own homes.

Since becoming far easier to make, the terrazzo trend has taken off with the material being used for everything from kitchen counter tops to planters, whole floors, or little accents around the home.

how is terrazzo madehow is terrazzo made

#4 How Is Terrazzo Made?

Terrazzo is made by setting chips of stone, glass, shell or more in a cement-like bed. Either laid out in a pattern or simple mixed in at random, the hard stone chips are set into a cement mix while its still soft. A roller then goes over the material to properly embed the chips within the mix and flatten the surface.

Once its set, the material is ground and polished. Grinding the surface till it is perfectly smooth and level, it is then polished to create that glossy sheen. Finished off with plenty of sealer to make it hard wearing a durable, there you have it!

While it is a long process, you can have a go yourself with plenty of make your own terrazzo kits available to try your hand at making planters or tiles of your own texture.

terrazzo styling home interiorterrazzo styling home interior

#5 How To Style Terrazzo?

A great way to add a subtle pop of colour into your space, terrazzo furniture is a perfect material for bringing some texture into the mix. An easy swap out for marble textures, terrazzo can be styled in the exact same way but adds a cooler finish as its less perfected or classically luxurious.

We’d style our terrazzo bedside table and dressing table with a simple white or pale pink bedding, pink velvet stool and maybe even some light wood rattan to add a fresh boho twist.

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