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Smart & Stylish Storage Ideas For Around Your Home

Giving you space without effecting your aesthetic

You know how it is, it seems every year you gather more and more stuff. Odd pieces of jewellery, new beauty products you just had to try, more shoes and books, life is just a constant process of filling up your home more and more. And whether your home is starting to burst at the seams or you’re having that sudden panic as you attempt to move all your things to a new pad, good storage is a must. The trick is to work smarter and chicer, going for covert storage that looks good and is versatile around your home. We’d got the formula down to perfection, being big fans of storage stools, mirrors, makeup organisers and more over in the BTFY team. Sharing the secrets, here are some solutions for smart and stylish storage.

stylish storage ideas stylish storage ideas

#1 Storage Stool

Giving you a pop of colour or a splash of print, velvet stools have always been one of our favourite décor accessories. Ideal for adding some extra seating in bedrooms and living rooms, the velvet texture also brings a new texture and some classic, vintage-inspired glamour to a space. But if you pick the right one, your stool can also double as smart, secret storage space. With a lift off lid, storage stools are the perfect place to storage remotes, chargers or blankets in your living room. Or make a home for hairbrushes and accessories in your bedroom if you’re squeezed for space. Placed next to your sofa or wardrobe, a storage stool gives you the space without looking like bulky storage.

pink velvet storage stoolpink velvet storage stool
Image via @littlebigbell

#2 Ottoman

The same but different, an ottoman offers you the same smart solution as a storage stool but with extra space and a whole dose of glamour. Perfect to be placed at the end of your bed, a storage ottoman adds some classic styling to your bedroom as well as giving you a cushion place to perch when you’re putting on your shoes or even reading a book. Long and thin, a storage ottoman is a great home for folded up clothes or books without needing a big bookcase or extra drawers.

storage mirrorstorage mirror

#3 Storage Mirror

Things that serve two purposes are a storage secret weapon, allowing you to get double the bang for your buck and double the room for your sacrificed space. A storage mirror is the epitome of working smarter when it comes to storage. Still giving you a must-have mirror to check out your outfit or finish off your makeup, open it up to find jewellery and makeup storage to house all your glam essentials. An ideal option if you don’t have the space for a vanity table or want to find a hidden place to hang your finest jewels, a storage mirror lets you tuck away all your favourite things. Ours even come with LED lights for perfect makeup lighting and a place to hold your hair tools.

#4 Acrylic Makeup Storage

Acrylic makeup storage is nothing new, being a classic go-to for dressing table storage. However, the clear plastic build allows you to use your favourite things as subtle décor for your room. You spend a lot of money on your favourite products, and brands spend a lot making them beautiful, so why hide them away? Still keeping everything neat and organised, offering plenty of storage in the tiered design, acrylic storage is far less bulky than a heavy, opaque storage box, still letting light flow through your room. Letting your different products add splashes of colour, this storage solution is simple and sleek.

storage trunksstorage trunks
Left- @the_littlecornerhouse, Right- @athomewiththejohnsonsx

#5 Storage Trunks

If you’re looking for versatile storage that isn’t tied to one space or function, storage trunks are our go-to. Not only do they provide loads of space for clothes, books and more, coming in a set of two different sizes. Their stylish design with a whole host of different colours and patterns means you can customise to your aesthetic and use around your home. Whether you use them together or split them up for storage around the house, the possibilities are endless. Why not stack them as a make-shift bedside table with the top trunk providing storage for your essentials? Or place them next to your wardrobe for more space? They’re also perfect for sleek and durable storage to be stowed away under beds or on tricky top shelves. Find what works for you!

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