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The BTFY Rattan Guide

Rattan care, cleaning & advice

The trending material that we’re obsessed with – we can’t get enough of rattan. The ultimate way to add a touch of boho to your home or garden, the versatile material works around your entire house. Waterproof, strong and durable, this furniture is built to last as long as you take care of it. Helping you look after yours, here is our need-to-know guide to rattan…

guide to rattanguide to rattan

#1 Can Rattan Get Wet?

PE rattan is waterproof, making it the perfect material for garden and patio furniture. Giving you the same classic rattan look and feel, synthetic PE rattan is far longer lasting, low maintenance and built to withstand the seasons. Weather resistant, the material won’t swell, rot, or get mouldy in harsher weather.

You can help protect your rattan furniture to keep it looking good as new by using furniture covers or making the effort to move your furniture inside on especially rainy days.

#2 When Did Rattan Become Popular?

Rattan’s history is long and rich, dating back to ancient Egyptian time even. But the material saw a huge boom in popularity in the 60s and 70s. After a long period where boring functional furniture was the norm, or classic Victorian styles were still clinging on, the 60s brought in the bohemian wave.

Accounting for its 2020 boom in popularity, interior designers think it’s a way for us to bring a little bit of holiday vibes into our home with rattan being the perfect texture of a little touch of Tikki.

can rattan get wetcan rattan get wet

#3 How Is Rattan Furniture Made?

To create its signature strength and durability, rattan furniture is set on an aluminium frame. Using the flexible yet strong synthetic rattan, the material is woven in classic wicker styles to create the boho look. Weaving the horizontal strands between vertical stands, the completed pattern is dense, durable, and beautifully detailed.

#4 How Well Does Rattan Furniture Last?

If you take care of it, your rattan furniture will easily last 10+ years. Waterproof, durable and even resistant to UV rays, rattan won’t fade or crack in hot weather or rot in rain.

rattan furniture stylingrattan furniture styling

#5 How To Clean Rattan Furniture?

To help keep your rattan furniture looking good as new, simply since it a once over regularly following these easy steps:

  • Start off my dusting or even hoovering your furniture using a brush tool
  • To get in the little crevices, use a toothbrush or cocktail stick to get any stubborn dust or dirt out.
  • Use some warm, soapy water to give it a gentle wash with a cloth or sponge the place the furniture out in the sun or in a well-ventilated area to dry off.
  • For a quick spruce up, you can simply give the furniture a dust.

#6 How To Style Rattan?

Looking beautiful inside and out, rattan is perfect for homes and gardens.

In your home, double down on the boho vibes in the perfect Pinterest interiors. Think pastel pink tones, lots of natural light and plants to match as you pair natural rattan furniture with complimenting neutral tones.

In the garden, why not go all in on the 70s vibes with wing back or petal chairs, offering a more stylish take on an outdoor bistro set. Or cosy up in a hanging rattan chair, creating a comfy nest to curl up with a book.

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