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Style with Sakura: How to refresh your home with Japanese cherry blossom

Styling a space around a single statement-making piece is nothing new, but making your whole décor scheme pop while staying cohesive can be so tricky, perhaps best left to the professionals. 

But what if, with a few nifty tips, you could channel your long-dormant designer and raise your décor game to new heights?

We’re here to help you do just that – but we suspect you’re already doing it!

Think about it, when curating a cute ensemble around your fave heels or dress, you’ll often spark inspiration for the rest of your outfit. Luckily, interior design works the same way! And in this article, we’ll show you how to use statement furniture to revamp your entire space, with a little help from our gorgeous Japanese-inspired Sakura collection. 

What is Sakura?


Before we dive in, a little about Sakura – it’s a gorgeous cherry blossom flower from Japan symbolising love, luck and springtime.

Sakura is unique among cherry trees because they don’t produce fruit but instead bloom with beautiful pink or white flowers each spring – but only for a week or two. This seasonal spectacle is celebrated with hanami (cherry blossom viewing) picnics under the trees. But be quick if you’re planning a visit – Sakura spots are the hottest tickets in town!

But don’t despair if you can’t catch the next flight to Tokyo because we’re going to help you spruce up your space with Sakura, starting with the living room.

Living room statement furniture

When decorating the living room, conventional wisdom says to choose a sofa first – but this makes fun stuff like décor and accents an afterthought. Well, we’re flipping the script and making a budget-friendly statement using chic accent chairs and a stylish bench as our centrepiece.   

Accent chairs

Accent chairs punctuate space with style and substance; their chic, sleek looks and popping colours set the room’s tone while offering a comfy seat to sink into.  



Benches introduce a touch of glam and cosiness to your space – as seen in this cosy little living room. Crafted with a matte black frame and smooth velvet seat, this gorgeous cherry blossom bench complements any décor scheme while making a bold statement on its own. 

Footstools and pouffes


Is any living room really complete without a fabulous footstool or cute pouffe? Here, the Sakura footstool is all about aesthetics, complementing the maximalist dalmatian storage trunks

And the gorgeous pink knitted pouffe matches the walls while adding a touch of texture. 

Statement furniture for the bedroom

Your bedroom should be comfy enough to chill and catch some zs, but also a hot spot to get ready! So, when you’ve sorted your bed, storage and seating, why not set the vibe with a statement mirror?

Besides being a portal to your glammest self, you’ll even create extra space in your room thanks to its space-enhancing reflection!

Hollywood mirrors


Hollywood mirrors are a must-have for any beauty buff, instantly upgrading your vanity station from hideaway to super-slay. Framed by frosted bulbs with adjustable dimmers, they create the perfect conditions for getting glam while saving energy – win-win!  

Storage mirrors


Fusing runway glam with space for all your makeup (including 15 lipstick holders!), storage mirrors are a total gamechanger. They masquerade as elegant armoires while concealing four open shelf compartments for all your cosmetics. The mirror doors are even lined with luxe black velvet and 24 hanger hooks for your jewellery and hair accessories to totally BTFY your beauty space.

Dressing tables


Now your cosmetics are neatly packed in your storage mirror, there’s plenty of room on your dresser for all your essential beauty bits – but we know how quickly things get messy!

The solution? Jewellery trays.

Jewellery boxes and storage

The key to organising things on your dressing table is to categorise all your bits. Jewellery trays are perfect for, you guessed it, your fave jewellery, while a statement-making jewellery box will add flawless style and storage.

So instead of a mess of lipsticks and mascara, you’ll have a chic collection of cosmetics – and you’ll actually find what you’re looking for in the morning!

Guest bedroom

Warm your space with a super-soft rug 


A soft, plush rug is a great place to start in the spare bedroom, as they level up the room’s look while warming the space – a definite plus as we often turn the heating off when nobody’s staying!

If the room's on the chillier side, a sheepskin rug is the way to go – we’ve got lots of gorgeous colours available in both single and double pelt. But if you’re looking for something smaller or a little quirky, be sure to check out round tassel rugs and animal print doormats – rawr!

Rein in the overspill with storage trunks

Ironically, guest bedrooms are usually guest-free and often become a dumping ground for overspill from other rooms. But with a funky set of storage trunks, you’ll create space instantly while making your space pop – a heaven-made match for any modern, eclectic or vintage space.

Maximalism: more is more 


To liven up a minimalist space, look for repeating patterns with just two or three hues to keep things cohesive – think chevrons, polka dots etc. But if, like us, you’re all about maximalism, adopt a more is more, kitsch vibe and fill your home with all your favourite things!

Maximalism celebrates vibrancy, patterns and statement prints, so stick up your favourite pics, splash colour shamelessly and embrace those quirky hand-me-downs!  



The powder room: a small space where one design choice transforms everything.

Use statement wallpaper, a funky paint job or accents to teleport to a faraway land or ensconce yourself in your very own serene spa.

Tropical bathrooms make a real statement, and you can channel their tropical vibes with a set of planters. Proven to boost your mood and cleanse the air, plants are ideal for the bathroom – just make sure you go for greenery that thrives in humidity, like aloe, snake plants, or English ivy.

Now you’ve learned how to make your space pop with statement furniture, we’d love to see how you style it! Be sure to tag us at to be in with the chance to feature on our feed!

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