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How To Introduce Velvet Into Your Home

Velvet Care, Cleaning & Styling

From its historic regal origins to its popularity boom in the 70s, we’re forever obsessed with velvet. Adding instant glamour to your space as well as a soft touch to curl up on, velvet furniture is an immediate way to level up any room with a fresh texture. As a totally timeless material, you can have fun experimenting with different colours and prints in velvet, feeling assured that it’ll never go out of style as a buy-now-keep-forever piece. While the velvet fabric may throw you off as a first-time styler, it really couldn’t be easier to implement into your home whether you’ve got a velvet chair, ottoman or even just a humble cushion. Helping you get sorted, here are some easy ways to introduce velvet into your home alongside some tips for how to clean velvet and protect your new furniture.

velvet cleaning care guidevelvet cleaning care guide

Velvet Care Guide

#1 How To Care For Velvet

Velvet has a bad reputation for being high maintenance, but the soft material is actually no harder to look after than any other fabric furniture, even ageing far better than canvas textures as it matures with the years.

The best way to care for velvet furniture, especially velvet chairs and stools that get used a lot, is to give it a weekly once over with an upholstery attachment on your vacuum. This will get rid of any dirt and dust while the soft bristled refresh the fibres to keep it nice and soft. You can also make sure to regularly give velvet pillows a pouffe, patting them with your hand and turning them over, if you can, to avoid constantly putting pressure on the same bit of velvet fabric. This will help avoid any long-term marks and creases that will be harder to get rid of.

#2 How To Clean Velvet

The most important thing to know when it comes to cleaning velvet is to never scrub the material. Rubbing will cause the fibres to fray or become matted, and overall end up looking far worse than whatever spill or splash was there before. Instead, if any spills happen, blot it with a dry cloth while it's still wet or you a small amount of warm water if its stubborn, then gentle blow dry with a hairdryer at a safe distance to restore the fluffiness.

For really tricky stains, you can use an upholstery cleaner but make sure to test it out first on a hidden patch to ensure it doesn’t bleach the colour.

#3 How To Protect Velvet

Alongside regular care, you can do a couple of other things to protect your velvet furnishings. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of velvet for long periods of time and try not to sit on it if you’re wearing anything studded or jeans with studs on the back. You can also get fabric protection sprays that you can spray over the furniture when you get it, this will help protect against marks and help waterproof your furniture against spill stains.

velvet accent chairvelvet accent chair

How To Introduce Velvet Into Your Home

#1 Make It A Feature

As a statement texture, don’t let velvet blend into the background. There’s so much fun to be had with velvet furniture, letting you experiment with different shapes and colours to cash in on different influences, from 1920s art deco glamour to maximalist modern cool. No matter what style you have, there’s a way to introduce velvet into your space. Try adding a velvet accent chair into your living room, pairing a colourful chair alongside more minimalist décor for a splash of colour. Or introduce a bold print into your space by adding a velvet stool or ottoman. Easy velvet furniture additions can add a whole different vibe or breathe fresh life into a space with almost no effort, becoming a statement feature as the timeless texture does all the talking.

velvet storage stoolvelvet storage stool
velvet storage trunksvelvet storage trunks
Image via @homeofmissplum

#2 Stylish Storage

If you don’t have the space to add an accent pair or feature piece, double up style and practicality with some velvet storage. Storage stools are an ideal way to add covert space into your room, giving you a place to store hair accessories, bags and more without adding an eyesore. Take a look at velvet ottomans, stools or even velvet storage trunks as a way to gain storage space that still adds a big dose of extra style to your room, letting you do the trend without having to dedicate extra space to purely aesthetics.

velvet jewellery box vanityvelvet jewellery box vanity
Images via @ourlovelyhome_xo

#3 Finishing Touches

Letting you experiment with the texture without fully committing, there are millions of ways to add just a dash of velvet into your room. Simply add some velvet throw cushions to your bed or sofa in a complimenting tone to introduce an extra texture, or finish off your dressing table with a subtle yet chic grey velvet jewellery box or storage caddy to give your favourite products a stylish home. Velvet doesn’t have to dominate your space or be a big commitment, easily added to your home in small doses or special details.

velvet office chairvelvet office chair

#4 Get Comfy

On top of being super stylish, velvet is also incredible comfortable making it perfect to add into your WFH space. We can’t even explain how life changing a velvet office chair is, giving you all the necessary back support while feeling like a soft hug as you get down to business. The perfect balance of functional and comfortable, settling down for the day won’t feel like a chore in a chair this comfy.

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