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How To Care For A Sheepskin Rug

 Sheepskin Cleaning, Washing & Care

One of our favourite home accessories, sheepskin rugs are classically stylish. Endlessly versatile, we style ours in living rooms, bedrooms and beyond to add immediate 70s vibes or a touch of glamour. Perfect for a soft step or even to be draped over a chair or bench, sheepskin rugs are an easy way to add some cosy texture to your space, but they do take a little maintenance.

Far less effort than you might think, sheepskin rugs don’t demand as much care as their fluffy texture might suggest. Instead, they require a simple routine to keep them looking their best and fast action in case of any spills or dirt. Giving you the lowdown on how to care for sheepskin rugs, here’s our ultimate sheepskin rug cleaning and care guide…

sheepskin care guide cleaningsheepskin care guide cleaning

Can a sheepskin rug get wet?

As sheepskin is a natural fibre, it reacts the same as hair. Just as you wouldn’t want your hair to be permanently damp, sheepskin rugs don’t do well in wet conditions. Risking mould and matting, avoid getting your sheepskin rug wet or housing it in damp conditions.

Can you use a sheepskin rug in a bathroom?

A sheepskin rug in a bathroom might be tempting for a soft step on the cold floor, but it’s a big no-no. As you can’t get it wet, a damp bathroom is the last place you should put a sheepskin rug.

Where to put a sheepskin rug?

Sheepskin rugs are super versatile, perfect for use around your home. For a touch of 70s style, try draping one over a rattan chair, or pair with white furniture for instant glamour.

However, there are some no-go places for homing a sheepskin rug. Just like normal hair, sheepskin rugs will react to sunlight so avoid placing them in direct sunlight as overtime they will fade or discolour.

sheepskin cleaningsheepskin cleaning

How to clean a sheepskin rug at home?

Sheepskin rugs are actually very good at keeping themselves clean, so very rarely need a proper clean. Instead, adopt a simple care routine to rid of lose dirt and dust.

Using a wide tooth metal brush, simply shake out and brush your rug every week or do to keep the fibres clean and maintain the fluffy feeling. This is the best way to get rid of dirt on the rug and give it a refresh without having to wet it. While washing the rug will fade it over time, regular brushing will keep it looking as good as new.

Can a sheepskin rug be washed?

While sheepskin rugs can be washed, its really not recommended. Fading and aging the fibres, washing is harsh on the rug so should be avoiding unless really necessary, opting for a once a year thorough wash for upkeep.

For spills or splash, act fast and spot clean the rug with a damp cloth and a little bit of gentle washing powder. Tackle the marks or stains instead of washing the entire thing.

If you do need to wash your whole rug, handwash it in the bath at a low temperature. Use a gentle washing power, or ideally a wool shampoo, to wash the fibres. Then rinse out and hang the rug out to dry naturally. This is best to do in the summer outside as it can take quite a while to dry otherwise.

sheepskin cleaningsheepskin cleaning

Can sheepskin rugs be dry cleaned?

Yes! The most ideal way to thoroughly clean a sheepskin rug is to get it dry cleaned by a business with experience cleaning animal fur rugs for the best result.

How to get the smell out of a sheepskin rug?

As they’re a natural fibre, new sheepskin rugs can have a strong wool smell. This will fade overtime as the rug settles into your home.

If several months later the smell is still lingering, sprinkle a little baking soda onto the fibres. Let it sit for a few hours before brushing out. Use the soft brush attachment on your hoover to ensure the baking soda is all gone.

Can you hoover a sheepskin rug?

While you can hoover a sheepskin rug, its not the most effective way to clean it or rid of dust. A hoover will pull on the fibres and overtime damage them, while a regular brushing routine will keep them looking new for longer while still being effective at getting rid of dust and dirt.

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