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How To Brighten Up Your Home With Mirrors

Styling Mirrors Around Your Home

We all know how important good lighting is. It’s the different between great makeup and a mess, the perfect selfie and an instant delete. Lifting your mood and making your space feel 10x nicer, the sun does wonders. But now autumn is starting to sink in, protecting that feeling is top of our priorities. Mirrors are a secret weapon when it comes to keeping a space feeling big and bright, letting you bounce light around a room. A fool-proof addition for any room, here’s how we style mirrors around the home to make your house brighter.

mirror styling bright roommirror styling bright room

#1 Extra Windows

Reflecting all the light, you can essentially create a whole other window with a mirror. In a room with small or few windows, try placing a mirror right next to one. This works especially well for windows by the corner of a room, hanging a mirror at the same height on the next wall so the light will bounce directly onto the mirror and out into the room. This lets you reflect the light over into the opposite corner of your space to spread it out as well as making your room feel bigger and more open. Try opting for an arch mirror or one with line details to double down on the window look.

#2 Vintage Vanity

Vanity mirrors are a timeless favourite, adding a splash of vintage glamour to any space. But the arch shape and different heights of a dressing table mirror makes it great for allowing light to travel. Placed in front of or just below a window, the natural light is free to travel through the gaps, creating the perfect naturally lit spot to do your makeup. Perfect for setting up on a desk or vanity table right by a window, an opened-up tri-fold mirror will open up your room.

makeup mirror lightingmakeup mirror lighting

#3 Head To Toe

Not only are full length mirrors a must for ensuring your outfit looks great from head to toe, but they pack a real punch when it comes to brightening up a room. Placed across the room from a window, a long mirror will reflect the light and give the illusion of more space and depth as the room is reflected back on itself. Whether you opt for an armoire storage mirror or a leaner, a tall mirror will immediately make any room brighter by bouncing the remaining sunshine around.

#4 Bright Bathrooms

Bathrooms are tricky. Often having a fogged-glass window or even no window at all, good light is hard to come by. So the solution here is to fake it till you make it, using an LED light Hollywood mirror to give you the perfect light. Shining light directly forward, you can skip the unflattering overhead lighting and ditch yellow bulbs with this crisp glow. Giving you the best light for doing hair and makeup, a Hollywood mirror will level up your bathroom lighting even if you’re not blessed with natural light.

round wall mirrorround wall mirror
Image via @freshlypressedhome

#5 Mirrored Details

Adding small, mirrored details around your room is guaranteed to boost and brighten. From mirrored furniture to stylish hanging mirrors, there’s loads you can do. We look adding small circular mirrors on the wall of propped up on a shelf for a little extra boost. Or try to go for functional items that have a mirrored element, such as a mirrored jewellery hanger that adds light as well as saving space. Having these small details will keep the light moving, bouncing it back and forth across your room to brighten up even the darkest corners.

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