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Graduation Gift Guide

blue background with colourful confetti fallingblue background with colourful confetti falling

Whether you’ve been through university yourself or not, if you know someone who’s graduating soon, you can guarantee they’re feeling a mixture of emotions right now! It’s the end of an era in which they’ve made incredible friends, been on a journey of self-discovery and studied the most interesting subjects.

Who are we kidding? They’re gutted because there’ll be no more cheap nights out at the Students Union and now they actually have to do some ‘adulting’. Still, walking out with that degree is no mean feat, and we applaud everyone lucky enough to be picking up that glorious scroll this summer!

If you want to get someone a little well done gift, here’s our top-pick presents for brainboxes:

One thing university definitely gives you is a shed-load of memories – including graduation day itself. They’ll never look as good as they do in a cap and gown, did we say ‘good’? We meant silly. So give them something to treasure those fashion forward moments that you’ll probably want to treasure more than they do. (Or to showcase all those nights out and all-nighters at the library.)


beautify mirrorsbeautify mirrors

Brains as well as beauty? Some people are just blessed aren’t they? The perfect gift for someone who’s beautiful inside and out, the 8 Bulb LED Mirror is the ultimate addition to the ‘getting ready for graduation’ station. It’s all eyes on them for the big day, so give them a gorgeous little gift to help them look and feel their best. Plus, with a folding stand, it’s great for transporting too! So if they had to leave their place before graduation and don’t exactly live nearby, it’s great for the hotel room.


beautify makeup casesbeautify makeup cases

 If graduating university means moving back in with parents, they’re going to need to step up the tidying/organisation. Leaving makeup all over the carpet will only make mum and dad mad, and make the culprit feel like they’re 12 again when they get shouted at. It’s already going to be a tough change of circumstance, so make it a little easier on them with the White 2 Tier Organiser. Not only will it mean they can keep everything neat and tidy, they can keep it hidden from siblings and have it ready to load in the car when they need a sleepover at their friend’s place.

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