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Get The Pinterest Look : Modern Boho Interiors

Ever since we saw that video of Dakota Johnson’s home, we’ve been obsessed with modern boho aesthetics. Combining boho, vintage inspired touches with a more luxurious edge, the modern hippie look is a merge of 70s styling with art deco and mid-century finishing touches. Keeping your home bright and beautiful, here’s how to get the pinterest favourite look.

#1 Colour Scheme

Nature inspired colours are key for boho interior, so think greens and floral pinks. Dakota Johnson’s forest green kitchen had us swooning, but the colour works beautifully all around the house. Paired with rattan wood and gold detailing, try out tones of deep green, dusty pink, buttery yellow and baby blue for a light but joyful space.

boho interior colour schemeboho interior colour scheme

#2 Rattan

Wood is a must have for this modern boho aesthetic, letting your furniture do most of the talking. Rattan naturally has such a boho vibe with a light wood tone. The woven texture stops rattan furniture from looking heavy or bulky in your space, as well as adding a little extra detailing to catch the eye.

We especially love the rattan clothing rail, letting you display all your favourite things and making art out of fashion. Using the patterns and colours of your clothes to add decoration, the rattan frame and storage drawers tie it all together in a neat package that looks especially beautiful paired with the matching rattan pieces.

boho interior rattanboho interior rattan
Via @projectatno35
rattan clothes rail bohorattan clothes rail boho
Via @flat.no7

#3 Texture Mixing

Mixing textures is going to help you achieve that nonchalant vintage look that feels luxurious but effortless. Like something out of a Stevie Nicks video, try getting a good mix of furs, velvets and silks in your space. How to do it without straying into too much territory? Combine colours and patterns with neutral tones, like a colourful velvet chair with a cream sheepskin rug or a vibrant printed rug leading up to a simple grey velvet ottoman.

boho sunburst mirrorboho sunburst mirror

#4 Mirror

Lots of light is another essential part of the modern boho aesthetic, ensure your space looks bright and airy. Having plenty of mirrors will really help with this, bouncing the light around your home to double up on brightness. And mirrors can also make a beautiful feature on the wall, scattered among your favourite pieces of artwork.

The most perfect boho-inspired mirror, we’re obsessed with this sunburst mirror. Looking beautiful outdoor or indoor, we’d mix this into a gallery wall with colourful prints to add a little something special.

#5 Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches, focus on the little details. Plants will elevate the whole aesthetic with bright splashes of greenery, or head out thrifting or browse your local antiques shop to find unique trinkets and vases to complete the look. Books are also an amazing way to carry the look into every corner, so scatter around your favourite coffee table books or classic novels for an easy and effortless finish to a boho interior.

boho home inspirationboho home inspiration
Images via @heartzeenahome
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